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March 2023 Impact Update

There’s more to the library story than just words on paper or books on shelves. We discuss meeting the year-end Lily Lai challenge match and our increasingly significant advocacy role. We also discuss our work with the Library Master Plan listening sessions and support for Black History Month library programs and viewing public art. 

November 2022 Impact Update

Libraries are essential and, as such, integral to our quality of life and well-being. We discuss our work to support library facilities, resources, and staff that provide quality educational support, cultural programming, and economic and job development programs. We also discuss our work with our partners to advocate for adequate and equitable library funding and the Library Master Plan. 

July 2022 Impact Update

We celebrate our success in helping library advocates win a library-friendly budget for this fiscal year but also recognize the need for long-term library funding solutions. You will read how our work to complete the Library Master Plan and place a library and parks funding initiative on the 2024 ballot are part of helping meet these needs. We also look at how the popular Summer Reading Program and Where’s Odi @ SDPL provide fun ways to keep students engaged and reading this summer.

March 2022 Impact Update

We are proud to unveil our new look and highlight our continuing work to build stronger communities through excellent library service. You will read about our work in early education and upcoming events. We also ask you to join us as we advocate for our libraries with our elected leaders.

November 2021 Impact Update

As Library re-openings and services expand, we’re strengthening our role as a conduit for opportunity, for all San Diegans. This update details how your support has allowed the Library Foundation to continue our work as we approach our 20 year anniversary. You’ll also read about our work to continue our goal of systemic investments in our Library system.

July 2021 Impact Update

Our Libraries need systemic, long-term investments. This update details how your support has allowed the Library Foundation to work with our coalition this budget cycle to restore proposed Library cuts and continue our work on the Library Master Plan. You’ll also read about how your support helps continue our work with our advocacy partners to make a long-term impact on how San Diego invests in its libraries.

March 2021 Impact Update

What can your Library do for you? This update details how your support has allowed the Library Foundation to focus on longer-term, systemic issues facing the Library today, such as the need for a Library master plan. You’ll also read about our continued backing for programs that bring life-changing Library programs to those who need them now more than ever.

November 2020 Impact Update

Books are just part of the Library story. The Library’s impact is more than words and goes to the core of strengthening all San Diego communities. This update details the Library Foundation and Library’s work to bridge the digital divide and address these disparities by providing access to vital technology and information.

June 2020 Impact Update

The San Diego Public Library is facing a historic phase in which supporters continue to play a central role. Though physically closed, the Library and its amazing staff continue to provide essential and innovative educational resources.