Building a growing base of support for San Diego’s libraries requires a broad coalition of committed partners. The Library Foundation thanks all our partners who are willing to roll up their sleeves to make our libraries more equitable, accessible, and impactful.

Photo by Stacy Keck

Library NExT: hands-on STEAM education

Created in partnership with the Library Foundation, Library, and Sally Ride Science.

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Building a strong workforce

Library and Library Foundation collaboration with Workforce Partnership opens career paths.

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From our community

The library is an information rainforest, not just for the knowledge in books and media but for the community of people who read, share, and listen to each other’s stories.”

Ramel J. Wallace, Host of Creative Mornings San Diego and Senior Community Manager at BAM


Our Library System

Our library network provides essential services throughout San Diego

Dedicated and passionate library staff work hard to provide resources and programs most needed in our neighborhoods. They all have something unique to offer and all are worth a visit.

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