News August 3, 2022

20 ways we’ve supported the library

The San Diego Public Library creates places to grow, learn, and have fun together. As the community continues to evolve, so does the need for more resources that can be accessed through public libraries.

Since the Library Foundation SD’s founding 20 years ago, our donors have contributed more than $160 million to help libraries provide free resources through a bold library network that our community relies on to learn new skills, pursue lifelong ambitions, and achieve a better life.

We firmly believe in investing in San Diego library facilities and programs to address historical inequities that have resulted in some communities suffering from inadequate access to educational opportunities. Libraries must provide access to resources supporting literacy, work readiness, and lifelong learning that help ensure equal opportunities for success for all of our neighbors. That’s why for these last 20 years we’ve been committed to making an impact and to changing the communities served by libraries. We’re thankful to the library donors who make this impact possible, and we’re proud to take our commitment beyond financial support whenever possible.

It wasn’t easy to limit the list, but the video below features our 20 favorite ways the Library Foundation has supported the library (in no particular order).