In the Media February 16, 2023

New York Times: A Love Letter to Libraries, Long Overdue

The Library Foundation SD supports the library’s work to help San Diegans learn new skills, pursue lifelong ambitions, and achieve a better life. A recent New York Times photo essay highlighted the importance of that work. 

It’s easy to romanticize libraries. But, the fact is, they’re not just’ about the written word. Were they ever? As local safety nets shriveled, the library roof magically expanded from umbrella to tarp to circus tent to airplane hangar,” the Times writes. The modern library keeps its citizens warm, safe, healthy, entertained, educated, hydrated and, above all, connected.”

Libraries are the beating hearts of our communities. What we borrow from them pales in comparison to what we keep. How often we pause to appreciate their bounty is up to us.”