Planned Giving February 1, 2022

Preserving free library service

Carnegie Society members Randi Dropkin and Phyllis Charlton have been vocal library fans for years. Libraries have played a steady role in their lives, starting from their childhoods and continuing throughout their careers and beyond. This inspired them to give back by making a lasting gift in their trust. Additionally, Randi and Phyllis designated the Library Foundation a beneficiary of their retirement plans. They said they made their planned gifts in recognition of the vital role our libraries serve in making opportunities available to all.

We appreciate the care they have taken in advising us of their intention.

Libraries are hidden gems – so many resources and all free! Anyone is welcome.”

We’re happy to be library supporters!” Randi shared. For me, the library has always been an important part of my life. Growing up my family would head out Saturday mornings to check out a week’s worth of books. This is a very fond memory for me. As a former teacher, I always used the library resources and also stressed the value to my elementary-aged students.

Once I retired, I had a goal to visit all the San Diego Public Libraries. I had my laminated library list which I checked off (and dated) as I visited them. I loved seeing how each Library differed. Looking at the children’s libraries, seeing which magazines and newspapers were available, what classes were being offered, etc.,” Randi said.

One way the Library Foundation thanks and honors those who make planned gifts is by inviting them to join the Carnegie Society and adding their name to the Carnegie Society Wall. This community of Library Foundation supporters often gathers for the Carnegie Society Tea and also enjoys other benefits throughout the year. 

Please contact Director of Major & Planned Gifts Kymberly Mueller at 6192386641 or by email or Chief Strategy and Engagement Officer Natalie Ganz at (619) 2386643 or by email to learn how you can name the Library Foundation as a beneficiary of your trust, retirement plan, or life insurance.