Planned Giving February 1, 2022

Valorie McClelland’s support makes a difference”

Valorie McClelland has always believed in giving back. In the past, she said she responded to a variety of charities, giving a few dollars to each. More recently, she said she decided she wanted to have a bigger impact on a few causes she really believes in. I gave serious thought to what I wanted my legacy to be,” Valorie said. I chose three organizations that were important to me, one of which was the Library.”

Each time I visit the library I can see my contribution at work.”

Valorie grew up in Canada and moved to San Diego in 1986. She takes full advantage of San Diego’s outdoor lifestyle and enjoys sailing, hiking, swimming, and backpacking. Now retired, Valorie had a varied career from working for Bell Canada as a service representative to a career in public relations, employee communications, and leadership development for a number of agencies and companies.

Valorie says she wants to ensure other people can feel the significant impact of the library she has experienced. Into adulthood, I continued to use the library to broaden my horizons,” Valorie said. I think back on those times and I want to make sure all children no matter what their financial or family circumstances have that opportunity to have access to books and research materials.”

Valorie is always impressed with the level of activity when she visits a library. It is a great gathering place for ideas and it is open to everyone,” she said. One day I was leaving the library and I got on the elevator with a woman who had just come from a music class. She explained how she came every week to learn how to play her instrument and was able to borrow the instrument to practice at home. She beamed as she told me this story — unsolicited. I knew I was doing the right thing by supporting the library. I know my contribution is making a difference in someone’s life.

A well-resourced library is fundamental to our culture. For children, it is a great equalizer,” she added. The library opens up a broader world to children and people of all ages. The San Diego Library has incredible resources to share, even beyond books. I want to see that continue.”

With her intention of including the Library Foundation in her estate plans, Valorie is a member of the Carnegie Society. I liked the idea of having a relationship with the organizations I have chosen to support,” Valorie said. Why wait until after you’re gone to make your support known? It also helps to reinforce my personal commitment to the Library.”

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