Story May 24, 2022

20+ visions for 20 bright years ahead

The Library Foundation SD is proud of our 20 years of partnerships that helped the San Diego Public Library grow from a time-honored institution into a cutting-edge and progressive network that our community relies on.

We asked leaders, parents, and partners in our community to gaze into their crystal balls — and hearts — and share their visions for our libraries in the future. Here are their takes on what the next 20 years for our city’s libraries can bring to San Diego, and what libraries mean to them.

What does a world-class library system mean to you?

What is the one thing that libraries provide our communities you hope never goes away?

Tell us one specific thing that you hope to see our libraries do in the next decade or two

What’s your vision for libraries of the future?

We’d love to hear what you think the next 20 years of our city’s libraries should look like and what you hope you see more in your local library. Share your thoughts and visions on social media and tag us @libraryfoundationsd on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!