Story September 26, 2020

Values-based estate planning: Put your money where your heart is!

Kymbery Mueller, Director of Major & Planned Gifts

Your estate plan is much like the human body; the head and heart are essential for an integrated, healthy system. In financial and estate planning, the head is supported by the expertise of professional advisors. They inform you about your options and help you make choices. Matters of the heart, however, are not as easy to interpret. They require one to look within and consider the enduring impact of wealth.

This thought-provoking conversation in the Library Foundation planned giving webinar series was between estate planning attorney Lisa Frisella and CPA Financial Advisor Joe Forlenza provides simple options to design a balanced estate plan, and create the space for you to look within and answer questions such as: What do I deeply value? And, how might I align my plans accordingly?

Feel free to contact me if you have questions, or if you have suggestions for future topics for these informational webinars. You can reach me at 6192386641 or by email. You also can contact Chief Strategy and Engagement Officer Natalie Ganz (6192386643 or by email).