Norma Ferrara has been a library fan all her life.

Our public library in New Jersey was across the street from my elementary school and in my earliest teen years I got a part-time job shelving books,” Norma said.

Norma and her late husband Richard became even more frequent library visitors when she had a daughter. Norma said she watched proudly while taking her daughter to toddler reading programs. Norma shares that everyone in her family is a big” reader, and she credits the library’s role in making that happen.

Norma sees the value in her library system. As a Library Foundation SD Sustainer for the past 16 years, she sees the importance of making gifts regularly. I know how difficult it is to get donations to keep the lights on and staff paid,” Norma said.

I decided to donate monthly, hoping that a steady stream of unrestricted funds would do the most good.”

Why the library? Well, what other institution in our community reaches more people from every walk of life?”

For Norma, supporting the library is an easy choice. And, to ensure the library continues to serve San Diego, Norma and her husband became Carnegie Society members by including a gift to Library Foundation SD in their estate plan.

I am so grateful that I can give back to the entire city that gave so much to me and my late husband, Richard,” Norma said. The Carnegie Society ensures funding for the library will go on for generations of San Diegans to come.”