Planned Giving February 23, 2022

The Diamonds champion diversity and inclusion with their library support

Diversity, inclusion, and equity. The library has it all.”

Alice and Doug Diamond know that their philanthropy makes a real impact on people in their community. Philanthropy, whether it be to the library or to any of the other institutions to which we give, is a commitment to our fellow humans,” Alice wrote. Our philanthropy is strongly influenced by the values we hold.”

This values-based approach to giving led the Diamonds to their support of the Library Foundation and made their decision to join the Carnegie Society by making a planned gift an easy one. 

Alice said they recognized the library’s influence on equity in distributing resources to every member of society.” She added, Libraries are neighborhood centers where people with shared interests can meet and discuss important topics, increasing the sense of community. And it also brings to us knowledge of diverse new groups. I can remember events we have attended where we learned how Kwanzaa is celebrated and lots about the traditions of Chinese and Vietnamese holidays.”

The Diamonds value the library’s role in distributing resources to every member of society.”

Diversity, inclusion, and equity. The library has it all.”

Alice notes she and Doug see the library’s clear impact. It can hook kids on reading, and later help them get a high school education,” she said. People can use the library’s collection to research a paper for a course to advance them in their job or to sort out some of the details in a novel they are writing which has historic context. And libraries even sponsor live cultural content through concerts by professional musicians and fascinating lectures by top thinkers in society, as well as offering space for other events and lectures by a myriad of community groups. For example, every month the Culinary Historians select a topic on culinary history to demonstrate the tradition and customs of other societies as evidenced through their food choices and preparation.”

The library has made a meaningful impact on their own lives. Knowing there was a place I could go to answer just about any question I had gave me a great sense of empowerment,” wrote Alice. Personally, we also appreciate the fine musical concerts that are offered to all for free, and the special exhibits which teach us of some of the darker parts of US history such as the internment of the Japanese Americans during the Second World War.”

The Central Library’s Diamond Rock Garden fits well with the couple’s love of natural beauty and quiet spaces.

Alice and Doug were early supporters of the Central Libary @ Joan Λ Irwin Jacobs Common and named the Alice and Doug Diamond Rock Garden on the library’s fifth floor with their gift. The space is a peaceful spot and is surrounded by a collection of travel books, another passion of the Diamonds.

The Diamonds’ close ties with the library made a planned gift a natural decision.

The Diamonds shared that since they have supported the San Diego Public Library with annual donations for over thirty years, why should they stop doing that after their lifetimes? The same needs will continue and we want to be sure that the library is there to enrich the lives of the people who come after us,” wrote Doug. 

The Diamonds’ library support will continue to have a lasting impact in areas most important to them, including achieving lasting and positive change, compassion, effectiveness, opportunity, equity, relationships, and community building.”

The Carnegie Society honors those who create a legacy of literacy and lifelong learning by making a planned gift to the Library Foundation. Members serve as an inspiration to other library supporters and are recognized with their names listed on the Carnegie Society wall on the ninth floor of the Central Library @ Joan Λ Irwin Jacobs Common. 

Please contact Director of Major & Planned Gifts Kymberly Mueller at (619) 2386641 or by email or Chief Philanthropy and Engagement Officer Natalie Ganz at (619) 2386643 or by email to learn how you can name the Library Foundation as a beneficiary of your trust, retirement plan, or life insurance.