The Carnegie Society honors those who create a legacy of literacy and lifelong learning by making a planned gift to the Library Foundation.

If you choose to create a planned gift for the Library Foundation, we encourage you to let us know. This helps us to ensure that your intentions are fulfilled and allows us the opportunity to recognize and honor you by including your name on the Carnegie Society wall on the ninth floor of the Central Library @ Joan Λ Irwin Jacobs Common. In addition, by allowing us to list you as a member of the Carnegie Society, you provide inspiration to other library supporters.

Please contact Director of Major & Planned Gifts Kymberly Mueller (6192386641 or by email) or Chief Philanthropy and Engagement Officer Natalie Ganz (6192386643 or by email) to learn more about the Carnegie Society and planned gifts to the Library Foundation.

This information is not tax or legal advice. Prospective donors should seek the advice of qualified professional advisors when considering their options for charitable giving.

Carnegie Society Members

Malvina Abbott
Dorothy Ansoff*
Alyce & Michael Archuleta
Nancy Corbin Assaf
David A. Baldwin*
Sharon E. Barton
Alfred Berner*
The Boackle-Elliott Family Trust
Chuck & Katie Boyer
Susan Brooks
Diana Brotherton-Ware
Henry Brown*
Jane Cameron*
Dr. & Mrs. Edgar D. Canada
Mary Elizabeth Carrillo*
Harry & Sandra Carter
Nancy Carol Carter
Randi Dropkin & Phyllis Charlton
Heather Chisholm-Chait
Vickie L. Church
Arthur John Cohrs*
Sybill J. Comings*
Marcella Coolidge*
Gary Cristofani
David & So Cummins
Rick Dallin
Marian Hill Day*
Ingrid de Llamas
Marcia* & Armando* de Peralta
Alice & Doug Diamond
Barbara J. Dickey
Margaret N. Dietrich*
Barbara K. Dixson
Horace L. Dodd*
Mary* & H. Theodore* Dorhman
Frank J. Dore*
Elsie Dorsey*
Grace Margaret Duhamel*
Alice Dyer*
Judy & Richard* Eby
Karen Eddy*
Bernard J. Eggertsen & Florence Nemkov
Karen & Tom Evans
Marguerite Farmer*
Meryl Faulkner
Betty Whiteley Feldman*
Morey* & Jeanne* Feldman
Norma & Richard Ferrara
Walter C. Figg*
Robert* & Carolyn* Flood
John V. Forrest & Deborah M. Pate
Roben & Fred Gerson
Ester Glowacki*
John W. Gomez*
Roberta N. Goodrich*
Phillip L. Green*
Annie Greenberg Betts*
Catherine Greene
Arlen A. Greer
Lois M. Griffith*
Samuel Gross*
Ardelle* & William* Haas
Judith C. Harris & Robert Singer, MD
Alice Hartsuyker*
Jimmy H. Heimann*
Stephen & Franci Hermes
Libby Hewes
Jay Hill
Meredith C.* & Ruth A.* Hill
Irma L.* & William S.* Hillman
Clara Hockmeyer*
Mildred* & Oliver* Horky
Howard Jenkins*
Janis N. Jones
Misty N. Jones
Marjory Kaplan
Terence Keeley*
Ann Peckham Keenan
Drs. Robert Kilian & Kathleen Slayton*
Sam Kintzer*

Deirdre & Andrew Kleske
William & Linda Kolb
Judy Kravetz-Robins
Paula Taylor & Bernie Kulchin
Lillian Kerr Kyle*
Calvin Lau
Eva Leopold*
Sidney Lerner*
Claire E. Levesque
Gail & Marty Levin
Rose Lightfoot*
Ed Long*
Mark-Elliott Lugo
Phyllis C. Marion
Susanne L. Martin
Alice Buckley McCauley*
Valorie McClelland
Ann & Brian* McDonald
Barbara McGill
Donald S. McKie
Mary Lee McNaughton
Dorothy Medgie*
Patricia Irene Moran*
Suzi More
Sherwood C. Mott*
Marianne Munsell
Virginia L. Natwick*
Kathryn C. Neal*
Teckla R. Nelius*
Val & Ron Ontell
Katherine M. & Jeffrey H. Orloff
Marie Peelman*
Sarah Person-Leeds*
Gladys Edna Peters*
Frances & David* Pierce
Helen Pratt-Kurz*
Rose* & Lester* Quackenbush
Margaret Radoff*
Drs. Robert & Joan Reese
Marguerite Reeves*
Pia Renata Stern
Blanche Richardson*
Irene Rivais*
Maureen & Thomas Roeber
Helen Rowe Allen
Marie Raftery & Robert Rubenstein, MD
Betty Jean* & Albert Henry* Rukes
Peter B. Rutman
Nina Madden Sabban
Charles Samples
Abigail* & Josiah* Sand
Nicole Schertzer & Christian Braun
Anne Schwartz
Chloie B. Sergeant*
Edward R. Silverstein*
Leslie Simmons
Bessie Irene Smith*
David Smollar
Nancy & Alan Spector
Robert Stanovik*
Peter H. Steelquist
Janice* & Howard* Stewart
Katie & Daniel Sullivan
Marjorie Thackery*
Connie Rae Thompson
Mary* & Albert* Totino
Clyde Edward Tudor*
Rava Villon & David Duke
Alberta & Richard Waggoner
Lovel Waiters*
Ginger* & Robert Wallace
Sheila Weiner
Stanley* and Elinor* Weissman
Judith A. Wenker
James E. Whistler & Kathryn A. Whistler
Marilyn & Stuart C. Wilson
Pat Wilson & Greg Rose
Anne & Janet Winder-Steed
Marina* & Ronald* Worley

* In memoriam