News May 16, 2023

Steve + Franci Hermes sync giving with values

We want to give back to the community by supporting the library system with time, talent, and treasure. The Library Foundation is a perfect way to do that.”

Steve Hermes remembers the first time he visited the old, tiny San Ysidro Library. The enthusiasm of supporters of the branch was amazing,” Steve said. They were so proud of the branch’s programs and its benefit to the community, especially the kids, who were so passionate at a facility that was so small! I felt proud to be helping such a community.”

Steve had experience volunteering at organizations he believed in. I have volunteered service in nonprofit organizations throughout my adult life,” Steve said. He also recalled the library’s impact on his life. I was fortunate to have access to the public library when growing up in a small Illinois farming community,” Steve said. It provided access to books, reference materials, and a safe place to study and read.” 

He found the Foundation’s mission of enhancing San Diego’s library system is in sync with my personal beliefs.” This marriage of the Library Foundation’s mission with his volunteer ethic led Steve to volunteer with the Library Foundation, including chairing the Finance Committee, joining the Board of Trustees, and serving as the chair of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees starting in 2021.

The Library Foundation’s impact also led Steve and his wife Franci to support the Library Foundation financially and become members of the Carnegie Society with a planned gift. Steve and Franci found that naming the Library Foundation SD as the beneficiary of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is an effective way to meet their philanthropic goals. The value of that IRA has increased, so the gift to the Library Foundation has also increased!

The Foundation is a perfect way to make a positive difference in the lives of others in San Diego,” Steve said.

The Library Foundation helps the library system provide every resident of San Diego and beyond with a safe environment for access to materials, programs, and technology, at no cost.”

As we have been blessed with financial security in our retirement, we want to give back to the community through supporting the library system in time, talent, and treasure,” Steve said. 

Steve spent 35 years in public accounting serving privately-owned companies and nonprofit organizations, working seven years in Chicago and 28 in San Diego, where he met Franci. They have always adopted rescue dogs and currently have two, Tucker and Remi. The couple loves to cruise and has fond memories of a Rhine River cruise. 

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The Carnegie Society honors those who create a legacy of literacy and lifelong learning by making a planned gift to the Library Foundation. Members serve as an inspiration to other library supporters.

Please contact Director of Major & Planned Gifts Kymberly Mueller at (619) 2386641 or by email or Chief Philanthropy and Engagement Officer Natalie Ganz at (619) 2386643 or by email to learn how you can name the Library Foundation as a beneficiary of your trust, retirement plan, or life insurance.