Press Release June 15, 2022

Council-approved budget makes library stronger

On Monday, June 13, the city council unanimously approved a library-friendly city budget which included major new spending as requested by the LibrariesTransformSD advocacy coalition. The FY23 budget now heads to Mayor Gloria for his signature.

Thank you to library advocates for helping win important new library investments.

In his proposed budget, Mayor Gloria included a number of key new investments library advocates called for, including

  • $287,500 in additional spending for library materials,
  • $357,000 to help replace old public computers,$587,000 for library maintenance, and
  • $200,000 to increase the annual city match of private library donations from $1 million to $1.2 million.

Following the release of the proposed budget, library advocates also successfully pushed for:

  • $672,000 to convert Do Your Homework @ the Library tutors to benefitted positions, and
  • $1.5 million for the design of a new San Carlos Library.

These gains are possible because of LibrariesTransformSD advocates work to send emails and to call and testify before Council. Your actions made a difference!

Please help us once more and thank the Mayor and Council by sending an email to your representative.

LibrariesTransformSD Coalition