Story January 30, 2023

Council unanimously supports advocates’ budget priorities

LibrariesTransformSD calls on mayor to include new spending in FY24 budget

All nine City Councilmembers recently supported new library investments in the FY24 City budget (see the Independent Budget Analyst’s report on those budget priorities). The Council unanimously supported LibrariesTransformSD calls to increase the library’s budget and augment materials spending, the city’s library match, and the maintenance budget. Also, seven Council members supported staffing for a full-time Youth Service Librarian at every branch.

Youth Service Librarians like Marika Jeffrey spark a love of reading in young children, provide safe after-school learning environments for teens, and promote year-round learning.

These are critically-needed investments. Next, the mayor will release his proposed budget on April 14. We need the mayor to join the Council and include library priorities in his proposed budget.

Please join the LibrariesTransformSD coalition to send postcards to the mayor and Council. And use our simple tool to email your elected representatives.