In the Media May 10, 2023

Governor Newsom’s love letter to libraries

California Governor Gavin Newsom, EdSource

California Governor Gavin Newsom thanked librarians for what they do for communities and what they have done for him. In his EdSource commentary, the Governor shared his childhood struggles with undiagnosed dyslexia and how librarians and other educators helped open the access to books and reading. 

Librarians change lives every day. Your impact goes far beyond book recommendations (although, you have recommended many great books over the years),” the Governor said. You help us start new chapters at every stage of our lives, showing us the magic of reading as children, and teaching us new skills in our golden years. You are the heart of our communities, providing a way out and a way up for those unsure of where they’re going — including those who are unhoused, unemployed, or simply looking for a new path.”

Alpaugh Branch Library in Tulare County. Photo by Julie Leopo (EDSource)

We know libraries hold more than books — so much more. Libraries, and librarians, stand at the crossroads of opportunity and information.”