The Need

A cornerstone of the library’s mission is to welcome everyone.

Libraries remain one of the few places where every community member can access information, regardless of their station in life. The Library Foundation SD is working to build diverse, multicultural, and inclusive physical and digital library resources and programming.

Libraries still hold the keys for marginalized communities who need space, resources, information, and shared experience.”

Library Solutions

Library Master Plan

The new Library Master Plan spearheaded by the Library Foundation and unanimously approved by the San Diego City Council ensures that future library investments target the areas of most need and greatest impact. The plan charts a two-decade road map for the library’s future that does not leave any community behind. Learn more.

Library Foundation SD CEO Patrick Stewart and Library Director Misty Jones at final City Council approval of the Library Master Plan.

Books Unbanned

This innovative program gives youth ages 12 to 26 living anywhere in the U.S. free access to the library’s online collection of the most frequently banned books. The library and Library Foundation joined the Brooklyn and Seattle Public Libraries and other partners in the Books Unbanned effort. This program combats an increasingly influential and coordinated effort to challenge and ban books in public and school libraries across the U.S. This effort disproportionately targets books that offer diverse perspectives, such as those from people of color and the LGBTQIA+ community. According to the American Library Association, these efforts breed ignorance, misunderstanding, and hate and are associated with violence and threats against libraries and librarians.

Libraries are places where everyone belongs.


The Library Foundation’s advocacy efforts, in partnership with the Library Commission and Friends of the Library, ensure strong public support for Library services. Library advocates have staved off proposed cuts to the budget, hours, staffing, and operations. A united library voice is powerful and essential to overcoming historic divestment in the library system. The Library Foundation SD is proud to coalesce library supporters around efforts to ensure our Mayor, City Council, and other elected leaders deliver on their commitments to adequately fund the library.

Excel Card

The Library Foundation, library, and San Diego Unified School District are partnering to place an EXCEL library card in the hands of every student in the district by 2025. These cards allow students to use books, homework help, computers, and online tools. The card reduces barriers preventing students and families access to critical, free library resources. 


Library Staff Training

With Library Foundation support, library staff can attend and participate in staff development conferences that promote diversity and inclusion in library programs. With Library Foundation funding, more than 300 library staff members attended the 2024 American Library Association Conference in San Diego.

From our community

Libraries are our pathway to equity — they are spaces we go to learn and find inspiration, and I truly hope that can continue for future generations.”

Kristi Ehrig-Burgess, Head of the Library and Archives at Mengei International Museum