Library Director Misty Jones and Library Foundation SD CEO Patrick Stewart at the Library Master Plan presentation to City Council.

San Diego approves sweeping new vision for robust library system

The San Diego City Council unanimously approved the Library Master Plan, which provides a long-range vision and strategy for library facilities, technology, and programming.

The Library Master Plan – years in the making – is the result of a partnership between San Diego Public Library and Library Foundation SD. It provides an aspirational vision for a library system that’s empowered, equitable, and engaging.With the vote on Tuesday, the San Diego Public Library now has a plan to modernize its branches, further meet community needs, and become more geographically available across San Diego.

I am very excited that the Council has adopted the Library Masterplan,” said San Diego Public Library Director Misty Jones. This visionary document provides the blueprint we need to ensure that SDPL can continue to provide the best services and amenities for all San Diegans.“

Libraries, as critical infrastructure, require support and investments to function. San Diego’s libraries have faced years of disinvestment, however, which has resulted in deteriorating branches and a library system that can’t keep up with the demands of the communities in which they reside.

Libraries matter so much. It is something that every single community across the city sees as important and finds joy in and sees as a resource. So the attention put into creating this plan is worthy of the love the community has for it and the council has for libraries as well,” said Sean Elo-Rivera, San Diego City Council President. A city that has executed this Library Master Plan would be a much better city and a city our residents would be incredibly proud of.”

Library Foundation SD and the San Diego Public Library spent years listening to the needs of the communities across the city, analyzing both internal and external data, and meeting with key stakeholders and officials. The Library Master Plan incorporates input from more than 11,000 San Diegans who participated in surveys, focus groups, and a series of listening sessions at every library location.A draft of the plan was presented to the Library Commission on June 14. On Oct. 5, the Community and Neighborhood Services Committee moved to recommend that the San Diego City Council approve the plan at its Nov. 7 meeting.