Story February 28, 2022

Listen Up! The San Diego Public Library’s listener’s advisory podcast is available now

The San Diego Public Library has a podcast- powered by Library Foundation SD — called Listener’s Advisory! Monthly episodes connect listeners with system-wide news, events, and programming. You’ll also hear SDPL staff and branch spotlights and a monthly roundtable discussion about the latest and greatest podcasts, books, music, and more, SDPL staff are recommending.

The podcast is hosted by Bob Surrat, the Balboa Branch Library’s Manager and a former Art, Music & Recreation Librarian at the San Diego Central Library @ Joan Λ Irwin Jacobs Common. Bob (who was SDPL AND City of San Diego Employee of the year in 2017) will co-host with Library Foundation Public Engagement Manager Scott Ehrig-Burgess, AKA Library Shop Scott. (Scott once won employee of the day at a very small bookstore though full disclosure: it was Scott’s job to select the employee of the day at the time.)

Bob, active in the local podcasting community and having hosted Library programming for podcast creators in his days at Central has been planning for an SDPL podcast for a couple of years now. 

We’re super excited about this podcast because it opens up so many possibilities for building new connections with our patrons,” Bob said. Creating an SDPL podcast gives us the opportunity to think differently about how we design our programs, conduct our outreach, and engage the public. Partnering with the San Diego Public Library Foundation is a natural fit. We both have similar goals in mind when considering content and ultimately want to see a more literate and informed community.”

Scott’s podcasting credentials are a little murkier. But, anyone who has attended one of the many author events the Library Shop has hosted over the years knows that he’s never seen a microphone he didn’t try to speak into. Hopefully Bob and Scott’s odd couple dynamics can propel Listener’s Advisory to the top of the charts, or at least provide you with some useful information about the San Diego Public Library System.

Finally, why is it called Listener’s Advisory? For over a century now Reader’s Advisories have been a fundamental service Librarians have provided their patrons, giving book recommendations not based on an internet algorithm or what individual Librarians enjoy reading themselves, but through active listening to a patron’s needs and interests and developing a curated, customized reading list, no matter the topic. (Coincidentally, SDPL staff has taken their Reader’s Advisory skills online for patrons who can’t get this same in-person service due to the pandemic through a program called MatchBook’.)

Hopefully the Listener’s Advisory can provide a similar service beyond the book for you and your ears!

Listeners’ Advisory is the San Diego Public Library podcast and audio access point that connects users with SDPL services, facilities, and staff. Patrons can learn about upcoming programs and periodically enjoy stand-alone episodes that feature unique content tailored for the audio experience. Enjoy a mixture of narrative-driven segments, in-depth interviews, and roundtable discussions about timely services, community-centric matters, along with professional recommendations. This podcast is made possible through a partnership with the Library Foundation SD. To subscribe search for Listener’s Advisory’ on the platform of your choice or visit here.